The DEN in SL was formed in May of 2007 and we began our adventure in Second Life creating and fostering a community of educators.
The DEN in SL Leadership Council is composed of 7 members, though we have specific job titles the reality is we all pitch in as needed.

Beth Knittle (Avatar - Beth Kohnke)
District K12 Technology Integration Specialist
Barnstable Public Schools
Hyannis MA
DEN in SL LC, Guide Coordinator

Lori Abrahams (Avatar - Lor Fredriksson)
CCSD #46 Information Specialist
Frederick Intermediate School
Grayslake, IL
DEN in SL LC, Events Coordinator
Elaine Plybon(Avatar - Celestia Cazalet)
Coordinator, The Infinity Project
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
DEN in SL LC, Building Co-Coordinator

Image-to-include-in-web.gif Nancy_Head_Shot_2.jpg
Nancy Sharoff (Avatar - Laelia Laval)
K-4 Technology Facilitator
Ellenville Central Schools
Ellenville, New York
DEN in SL LC, Blog Coordinator

external image 2044355961_95d68bfc7d_m.jpg external image 2583769233_7783d75501_m.jpg
Fred Delventhal (Avatar - Riptide Furse) fdelventhal[at]gmail[dot]com
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Arlington Public Schools
Arlington, VA
DEN in SL, Leadership Council Chair


Anne Truger (Avatar-JessieMarie Flanagan)
Instructional Technology Specialist
SEDOL (Spec Ed Dist of Lake County)
Gages Lake, Il
DEN in SL LC, Building Co-Coordinator

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